2018 Gold's Gym Fairport Challenge

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12 Week Transformation Program
More Than $110,000 in Cash Prizes.

Expert Coaching
Customized Nutrition Plan
Camaraderie and Group Classes - Click here for our class schedule
 Accountability & Support
Discounts on Services

And NEW for this year at Gold's Gym Fairport...FREE and PRIVATE trainer workshops exclusively for Challenge participants!


"The experience, knowledge, and transformations that many participants undergo during the Gold's Gym Challenge is priceless. More than a physical transformation, it's a 12-week journey that can enhance every aspect of your life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, everything improves. From the way you look and feel about yourself, to your relationships, self-esteem, work performance, and overall happiness, you can't put a price tag on it."
Todd Levine and George Schaffer, Managing Partners
Gold's Gym Webster and Fairport

Valued at more than $700, you get all of the following for only $99 (or $89 if you sign up by January 10th!). And a portion of your entry fee goes to the prize pot.


golds challenge handbook.jpg

FREE - Challenge Handbook

COMPLETELY NEW AND UPDATED FOR 2018! Unlike previous years, you will be given your handbook the moment you sign-up for the Challenge, giving you time to plan and prepare in advance of your start date. Your handbook features a detailed eating plan that is CUSTOMIZED for you through a short quiz. It will easily help you plan how to eat right based on your individual needs, favorite foods, and goals. You'll know exactly HOW MUCH food to eat when it comes to your protein, carbs, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats to lose weight (or gain weight/muscle) and transform your body. What's more is you'll be given planning sheets and food lists. This nutrition plan is not mandatory, nor is it a "diet". It's a proven food lifestyle derived from the Beachbody Portion Fix eating plan, suited for all eating preferences. 70% of your results come from healthy nutrition, which is the biggest focus of this year's new and improved handbook. In addition, the handbook has exercise strategies for you to follow based on your personal goals. 


FREE One-On-One Challenge Training Session

Your one-hour complimentary Challenge training session is designed for you to review your Challenge handbook one-on-on with a certified trainer and understand what's best for you to see results. The session will confirm your understanding of the nutrition plan AND best workout strategy for you to follow in achieving your 12-week transformation goals. Your private session will also take you through a personal workout and make sure you're dialed-in and ready to go with no unanswered questions. To schedule your free session, click the link above and submit the online form, "My Challenge Goals". You must first sign-up for the Challenge and submit "My Challenge Goals" above before you're able to schedule your free Challenge training session.

alloy team training.jpg

FREE - One Week of Alloy Large Team Training

Alloy rocks! With Alloy training, you'll experience challenging workouts done in a group environment with a certified Alloy Coach. The workouts are modified to suit all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced. Alloy training is infamous for burning body fat, sculpting lean muscle, and improving strength and endurance. You’ll also learn how to work out properly in ways that you can apply on your own in the gym. What's more is the great camaraderie and group support of Alloy. You're going to love it! Click above to learn more.

Please note that all participants must complete a short one-on-one movement screen with a Fitness Coach before participating in Alloy. This can be scheduled in the gym and is to assure your safety before participating in the program.

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FREE - Before/After Photos (optional) & Measurements

Photos are not required to participate in the Challenge. However, to be eligible for cash prizes as a challenge participant, you must take your before/after photos and measurements to document your 12-week transformation. We provide a photographer and private setting at the gym for you to do so quickly and easily on both your start date and finish date. You're in and out of the room in less than 5 minutes, with the room staffed by 3 female employees. Again, if you choose to do measurements only (no photos), you will not be eligible to win any prize money, but you can still do the Challenge.

Judging to determine the Challenge winners is done based on a review of the final photos (faces are covered), measurements, and final essay submitted by the participants. Judging is done separately for males and females in the following age groups:  18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60+. But don't do it for the money. Do it for the priceless life changing transformation you might undergo!



When you arrive on your start date for your "before" photos and measurements, you'll be given a Gold's Gym Challenge t-shirt and a shaker cup. If you choose to buy a shake from the Gold's Gym shake bar in the future, give your shaker cup to the shake staff. He or she will fill your cup and discount $1.00 from the purchase price each time. 

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FREE - Private Facebook Support Group

As a participant you can be added to a private Facebook group for Gold's Gym Fairport participants who are doing the Challenge (optional) . From the new bonds you’ll form with other participants, to the highly trained, knowledgeable and motivating staff at Gold’s Gym Fairport, you'll be led and motivated every step of the way with daily tips, education, and inspiration to keep you going. Plus our trainers will be sharing their tips for tackling the challenge successfully (also via email for those who are not on Facebook).

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FREE - Trainer Workshop Series NEW for 2018!

The Challenge will host FREE private trainer workshops at Gold's Gym Webster exclusively for this year's Challenge participants! Time and dates with our stellar team of trainers is coming soon. FREE and open exclusively to ALL challenge participants. All sessions are OPTIONAL. No sign-up is necessary. Simply show up if you're a Challenge participant!

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Discounts and $avings

In addition to receiving all of the above, and to help you achieve your life-changing transformation, you will receive discounts on many training services, programs, and products at Gold's Gym Fairport throughout the duration of the Gold's Gym Challenge.


FREE - Awards Ceremony and Celebration

All finishers* of the Challenge will receive an invitation to the Awards Ceremony. In addition to hearing the contest winners announced, you'll come together with other Fairport Challenge finishers to hear life-changing stories and achievements, and celebrate success!  Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and refreshments are provided at this fun, exciting, and often emotional evening.  

*A finisher is any participant who does their before/after measurements and submits their final essay.


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